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High Speed Control LP33W- The Sodick LP33W power supply marks a breakthrough in wire EDM cutting speed while maintaining low operation costs. The 60 amp LP33W power supply has set a new world record using (affordable) standard .010 diameter brass wire. The new high peak, high frequency pulse wave developed by Sodick allows improved cutting performance even in the most difficult cutting conditions. Maximum cutting speeds are subject to work-piece material and thickness, cutting-flushing conditions and type and diameter of wire. The LP33W power supply is designed to achieve the maximum potential speed from each given situation to ensure the best productivity. Cutting speeds of over 45 inches an hour are achievable.




High Speed Automatic Wire-Threader (Super JET AWT)- A stainless steel pipe is used to guide the wire. As the wire passes through the tube, a high pressure water jet is introduced. A suction type wire transport system then transfers the wire to a bin. Wire diameter range is .004”~.012”. The optional HP-HT Circuit is recommended for .004” wire. The Sodick Auto Wire-Threader can complete a wire thread cycle in as little as 10 seconds.

Submerged Machining with 3 sided Drop tank

Some advantages to submerged Drop-tank machining are as follows:

  • Submerged machining capabilities greatly enhance the cutting performance in applications where poor flushing conditions exist.

  • Work pieces that are irregular in shape (having pockets, undercuts or through-holes), or that require taper angles, can now be easily and quickly machined.

  • Machining conditions on these types of parts are ideally stabilized, resulting in less wire breakage.

  • The work zone is thermally stabilized, thus achieving higher cutting accuracy.

  • Perfect design for automation

  • Faster set-up because the operator has easy access to the work-piece 



(All units are in inches unless otherwise specified)

  • X axis travel......... 22.44

  • Y axis travel..........14.57

  • Z axis travel..........13.78

  • U axis travel......... 4.72

  • V axis travel......... 4.72

  • Standard taper..... 25 degrees at 4.0 thickness

  • Axis drive (X, Y, U, V) Linear servo motors, glass scales

  • Z Axis drive AC motor w/ closed loop feedback system

  • Axis tracking system (X, Y, Z, U, V) Linear motion guides

  • Minimum X, Y, U, V resolution 0.000004

  • Numerically controlled axes 5 (Up to 8 with LP10 control)

  • Rapid table feedrate 94.5/min

  • Jog rate

  • Jog 0 94.5/min

  • Jog 1 39.4/min

  • Jog 2 0.98/min

  • Jog 3 0.00004/step

  • Program dry run feedrate 94.5/min

  • Wire diameter range (min  max) .006  .012 (.004 ~ .012 with optional HP-HT circuit)

  • Wire guide (lower) Round diamond guide

  • Wire guide (upper) Split sapphire guide (split diamond - optional)

  • Work tank dimensions 41 x 28

  • Maximum work-piece weight 2200 lbs.

  • Distance from floor to table 39.2

  • Wire feedrate range .8  9.8/sec

  • Wire tension range (min  max) 200g ~ 2,800g

  • Machine tool weight (with Power supply) 11,243 lbs

  • *External dimensions (W x D x H) 96.5 x 101.2 x 94.1

  • *Floor layout 139 x 145

*Includes power supply, dielectric tank and wire bucket


Dielectric System

  • Capacity 211 gallons

  • Filter type Paper cartridge (3)

  • Water quality control Built-in deionization

  • Dielectric temperature control Built-in refrigeration

  • External dimensions (W x D x H) 28.5 x 100


CNC - Power Supply

  • Power requirement 3 Phase, 210 VAC  4% (50/60 Hz)

  • Power consumption 13 KVA Max.

  • System memory 3.25 gigabytes

  • User memory 10MB edit, 50 MB storage

  • Keyboard JIS alphanumeric & function keys

  • Display 15” SVGA LCD color monitor

  • Inch/metric operation NC code, MDI

  • Coordinate systems 60 individual systems

  • Decimal selections 4, 5 or 6 place selection

  • Minimum increment input command

  • Inch 0.000004”

  • Metric 0.0001mm

  • Maximum increment input command

  • Inch 99999.9999”

  • Metric 999999.999mm

  • Simultaneous axis movement:

  • Jog Up to 3 Axes

  • Linear Interpolation Up to 4 Axes (8 Axes with LP10 control)

  • Circular Interpolation Up to 4 Axes (8 Axes with LP10 control)

  • Program editing Insert, delete alter

  • Automatic execution of stored program Up to 7 nested levels

  • Subprogram looping Up to 9,999 times

  • Subprogram nesting Up to 50 levels

  • Sequence numbers 10,000 ‘N’ or ‘O’ codes

  • Wire diameter compensation memory 1,000 ‘H’ or ‘D’ Codes

  • Wire diameter compensation range 0.00001” to 9999.9999”

  • Discharge condition codes 1,000 ‘C’ codes

  • Arithmetic functions +, -, *, /, [ ]

  • Arithmetic equation length 72 characters

  • Trigonometric functions Sin, cos, tan, sq.-root

  • Scaling 0.001 to 9999.999

  • Mirror image X & Y axes independently or simultaneously

  • Pulse Generation Method Power MOS-FETS (Metal oxide semi-conductor-field effect transistor)

  • Maximum average machining current 60 Amp

  • Servo Control CNC digital servo system

  • Pulse Circuit TM


Power input must be 3 phase, 200V/220V AC 60 Hz and fluctuation tolerance of ±5%



Rencontrer un représentant SparQuetec est bien plus qu'une simple estimation. Nous vous proposons une consultation sans obligation pour vous aider à évaluer votre stratégie d'optimisation de vos besoins de fabrication.

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